The first Forest Gourmet product appeared on the shelves of a London (UK) shop in 2014. While the products offered may change over time, the range continues to grow. Importantly though, the reason behind the brand's creation remains the same.

Our Beliefs For Now And The Future:

  • Good food relies on a good environment.
  • Good food helps us enjoy life.
  • Good nature is important for good life.
  • Our children's and grandchildren's futures depend on us - now - considering their environment.

The Idea Behind Forest Gourmet

Reducing our impact on the environment is one thing - good though it is. But what about the damage already done?

Where is the right balance between being considerate of our environmental impact, and enjoying life?

So how about asking a different question: What practical steps can we take to create a net positive for our planet, in order that our children can also enjoy it?

It's from asking this question that Forest Gourmet was born. And one answer became "we need to plant more trees".

Not just as a 'carbon neutral' exercise. But to really aim to plant more trees, grow more forest areas. To recognise that while protesting against deforestation has its place, there is a need to address the deforestation that has already occurred.

10% of Forest Gourmet profits go to help plant more trees.

Everyone likes great food. And great food needs a great environment to be sourced from. So what better way than to combine two good things - good food, good environment. 

You get ingredients to help create better food, and at the same time aiding the planting of more trees to help create a better environment. Both contribute to better life.


The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.


Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

Albert Einstein

Man shapes himself through decisions that shape his environment.

Rene Dubois

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