Unique New Zealand Flavours

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Unique New Zealand flavours, and quality ingredients from Forest Gourmet.

Have you tried the native herbs Horopito or Kawakawa yet? Forest Gourmet provides you with home use sized packs of these herbs, dried, ready to add to your favourite meals. 



If you're a business interested in stocking any of the Forest Gourmet items, whether in New Zealand or another country - get in touch by using the contact link above. Let us know the name and location of your store.

Featured Products

Horopito - 12g pouch

Horopito is the native bush pepper of New Zealand. Forest Gourmet dried Horopito is a gourmet peppery spice. 12g pouch.

$10.95 NZD

Rimu Spatular - medium - front view

Rimu Spatula - medium

This spatula is hand made from New Zealand's Rimu timber

$22.00 NZD

Kawakawa 50g

Kawakawa Flakes. Resealable, compostable pouch of dried Kawakawa leaf flakes. 50g.

$24.95 NZD

Flaky Sea Salt 125g

Marlborough Flaky Sea Salt 125g

Finest Flaky Sea Salt - sourced from Marlborough New Zealand. Packed in a resealable, compostable, 125g pouch.

$7.47 NZD



Kawakawa & Cheese Scones

A great NZ variation on the cheese scone - using Kawakawa to compliment the cheese.

Kawakawa Tea

Make your own Kawakawa tea. Either just pure Kawakawa tea, Kawakawa Honey & Ginger tea, or adapt to make an alternative mix tea.

Lunch / Breakfast Egg Cups with Horopito & Kawakawa

Lots of ways you can customise these Egg Cups - and if you pre-make them they make a great healthy on-the-go lunch or breakfast. This version with Horopito and Kawakawa for a NZ flavour twist

Salmon, Horopito, and Granny Smith Stacks

Use slices of Granny Smith apple as a base for this appetiser or snack stack.

Horopito and Cheese Omelette

A flavoursome variation on a simple classic.