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Forest Gourmet

Kawakawa & Cheese Scones

A great NZ variation on the cheese scone - using Kawakawa to compliment the cheese.

Kawakawa Tea

Make your own Kawakawa tea. Either just pure Kawakawa tea, Kawakawa Honey & Ginger tea, or adapt to make an alternative mix tea.

Lunch / Breakfast Egg Cups with Horopito & Kawakawa

Lots of ways you can customise these Egg Cups - and if you pre-make them they make a great healthy on-the-go lunch or breakfast. This version with Horopito and Kawakawa for a NZ flavour twist

Salmon, Horopito, and Granny Smith Stacks

Use slices of Granny Smith apple as a base for this appetiser or snack stack.

Horopito and Cheese Omelette

A flavoursome variation on a simple classic.