Kawakawa Tea

  • 11 April 2021

Pure Kawakawa Tea

Just add approx 1g (1 - 2 teaspoons depending on size of flaked leaf at the time) of dried Kawakawa leaf to hot or boiling water, and leave for a few Kawakawa tea in a cupminutes - as or long as suits your personal taste.

Provides a warming and invigorating tea.

Gives a relaxing fragrance too.


Kawakawa, Ginger and Honey Tea

Make Kawakawa tea as above, but also add a couple of slices of ginger root. Then a teaspoon of honey - however we suggest wait until adding the honey until it has cooled a little, just before you want to drink it.


Or make your own Kawakawa Tea blend

Experiment to make your own preferred blend. This can be done many ways Eg by mixing with other loose leaf teas; or adding another type of leaf (Kawakawa and Manuka leaf, or Kawakawa and Raspberry...); or you can use swap to ginger for turmeric, or lemon, or add them all in.

It is only really limited by your imagination and ingredients to hand.


Buy dried Kawakawa leaf

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