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Marlborough Flaky Sea Salt 1kg

1kg resealable bag of Marlborough Flaky Sea Salt

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Flaky Sea Salt - sourced from Marlborough New Zealand. Packed in a resealable, 1kg bag.




$34.95 NZD


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Large 1kg size of NZ Marlborough Flaky Sea Salt - ideal for chefs and food service.

Harvested from the waters of the Southern Pacific Ocean, and using the natural process of the sun and wind for evaporation.

This results in a unique, flake-shaped salt crystal that is ideal for finishing fine foods.

Chefs around the world use Marlborough Flaky Sea Salt for its superb flavour, delicate crystal that dissolves easily on the palate, ability to stick to almost any food, and versatility when using with their fine culinary creations.

The flakes look attractive when displayed - ideal to serve in a small bowl allowing people to use their fingers to gently sprinkle or crush over their food.


Natural Marlborough Flaky Sea Salt

In a resealable bag.

Contains 1kg of Flaky Sea Salt.