Horopito PLUS Rimu Spatula Combo

A 12g pouch of dried horopito PLUS a hand made Rimu spatula.


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Two Product Combo - with a 12g pouch of dried Horopito PLUS a beautiful and well weighted Rimu spatula.



100% dried wild Horopito.

Enjoy the peppery heat of Horopito - New Zealand's native bush pepper tree.

Use as a gourmet alternative to any other pepper.

12g resealable pouch (mainly home use)


Rimu Spatula:

Beautifully worked from sustainably sourced native Rimu wood.

Can be some small variations from item to item due to it being crafted by hand.


This is a well balanced spatula - it is comfortable and easy to hold in your hand.

Plus it's well designed curves not only make it look stylish in your kitchen, but very practical to use as a spatula mixing or stirring around bowls, pots, and pans.


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