Launching Compostable Pouches with new Kawakawa Flakes product

  • 12 May 2019

Here at Forest Gourmet we're excited to be launching our first batch of compostable pouches, and hope it will be a progressive step in mitigating our packaging footprint.

Although this May's soft launch is a test run for how receptive people will actually be to these compostable pouches, our commitment to helping make it work is such we are doing this by launching our brand new Kawakawa Flakes product solely in these compostable pouches.

Introducing the new Forest Gourmet Kawakawa Leaf Flakes - in a 50g pouch. 

Harvested by hand picking leaves from natural bush, it has simply been dried and milled, with nothing else added. Just 100% dried wild Kawakawa - also known as New Zealand's bush basil.

Kawakawa compliments Forest Gourmet's other native New Zealand herb product - dried Horopito.

As to the compostable pouches the flakes are packed in - the majority of the bag is derived from renewable resources that can break down. To maximise the break down of the pouch, it ideally would be disposed of in a composting environment that contains heat, water, oxygen, soil and micro-organisms. Many of the modern home composting systems will cater to that.

However - accepting that we live in the real world and many of the pouches will still get put in the general rubbish, our position is that this is still a much better option that plastic or foil pouches, and partial or slower composting is better than none.

If the reaction to these compostable pouches for the Kawakawa (and another new product we are working on) is positive, then we will be looking to making more use of them where appropriate in our other products. Hopefully our supplier of the pouches will also be able to grow and offer a greater range of compostable packaging options in future too. 

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