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Forest Gourmet

Kawakawa 50g

kawakawa flakes in compostable pouch

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kawakawa flakes in compostable pouchKawakawa -milled leaf / flakesDessert spoon of Kawakawa - approx 4g

Kawakawa Flakes. Resealable, compostable pouch of dried Kawakawa leaf flakes. 50g.




$24.95 NZD


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Kawakawa - also known as New Zealand's native bush basil.

Forest Gourmet Kawakawa comes from wild grown plants. The Kawakawa leaf is picked, then dried, and crushed into flakes.

That's it, just pure Kawakawa leaf, in dried flake form, nothing else added.


What to use Kawakawa for:

  • use as a culinary herb.
  • you can sprinkle it on top of a dish, or mix it in as an ingredient.
  • you can substitute in Kawakawa for many recipes that would use basil.
  • as an ingredient in your own spice / seasoning mix
  • also popular for use as Kawakawa leaf tea - by itself, or with other types of leaf as part of your own Kawakawa mix.


In a resealable - Compostable - pouch.

Contains 50g of dried Kawakawa leaf.