Bush Herb & Salt Mix - 65g

Aromatic flavours of the New Zealand bush. Horopito, Kawakawa, and Flaky Sea Salt Mix - in a 65g pouch.




$17.95 NZD


Aromatic flavours of the New Zealand bush.

Horopito (bush pepper), Kawakawa (bush basil), dried and flaked, mixed with Marlborough flaky sea salt.

This blend with native New Zealand herbs adds a delightful taste of nature to most dishes.

With sea salt in enticing fine flakes.

65g resealable pouch.


NOTE: due to rapid changes in packaging availability at the moment, we are using a few different pouches to pack this Bush Herb Mix product into - so actual pouch you receive may be different to what is shown in the photo options - but it will be the same product and 65g inside.




Ingredients: flaky sea salt, dried Horopito leaf, dried kawakawa leaf.

Store: in a cool, dry place.

Product of New Zealand.


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