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Horopito - 100g pouch

100g pouch of dried Horopito

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Large pouch of dried Horopito - New Zealand's native bush pepper spice. 100g.




$49.95 NZD


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100% dried wild Horopito.

Enjoy the peppery heat of Horopito - New Zealand's native bush pepper tree.

Use as a gourmet alternative to any other pepper.

100g resealable pouch.


Also available in a small 12g pouch (mainly home or trial use)


Our Horopito is currently harvested from wild New Zealand forest bordering a national park.


What to use Horopito for:

You can use Forest Gourmet Dried Horopito in any occasion where you might use pepper. Some of the more common uses are:

  • as a meat rub
  • as a seasoning for vegetables or fish
  • as in ingredient in your own spice / seasoning mix


More backgound about Horopito:

Horopito is a very slow growing plant and takes 5 years or more of growth before it can be harvested. The leaves have traditionally been used by the Maori people for its medicinal properties. Apart from its culinary use (what Forest Gourmet Horopito is for) - it is used as a natural way to help with candida.


Ingredients: dried Horopito leaf

Store: in a cool, dry place.

Product of New Zealand.