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Forest Gourmet


Horopito leaf has a hot peppery taste. Trying to eat a raw or fresh picked leaf will give quite a hot, chilli like taste. The Horopito plant is a native of New Zealand, often found in mountain forest areas.

Our Horopito herb product is simply created from leaf picked and then dried, before being milled into flakes.


Dried Horopito flakes

Horopito - 12g pouch

Horopito is the native bush pepper of New Zealand. Forest Gourmet dried Horopito is a gourmet peppery spice. 12g pouch.

$10.95$9.95 NZD

100g pouch of dried Horopito

Horopito - 100g pouch

Large pouch of dried Horopito - New Zealand's native bush pepper spice. 100g.

$49.95 NZD

Bush Herb & Salt Mix - 65g black pouch - with Horopito and Kawakawa

Bush Herb & Salt Mix - 65g

Aromatic flavours of the New Zealand bush. Horopito, Kawakawa, and Flaky Sea Salt Mix - in a 65g pouch.

$17.95 NZD

NZ Spice Pack Bundle

A NZ Spice Combo. You get a 12g pouch of Horopito, a 50g pouch of Kawakawa, a 125g pouch of Marlborough Flaky Sea Salt, and a hand crafted native timber salt spoon.

$49.95 NZD