Horopito leaf has a hot peppery taste. Trying to eat a raw or fresh picked leaf will give quite a hot, chilli like taste. The Horopito plant is a native of New Zealand, often found in mountain forest areas.

Our Horopito herb product is simply created from leaf picked and then dried, before being milled into flakes.


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Dried Horopito flakes

Horopito - 12g pouch

Horopito is the native bush pepper of New Zealand. Forest Gourmet dried Horopito is a gourmet peppery spice. 12g pouch.

$10.95$9.95 NZD

100g pouch of dried Horopito

Horopito - 100g pouch

Large pouch of dried Horopito - New Zealand's native bush pepper spice. 100g.

$49.95 NZD

Bush Herb & Salt Mix - 65g black pouch - with Horopito and Kawakawa

Bush Herb & Salt Mix - 65g

Aromatic flavours of the New Zealand bush. Horopito, Kawakawa, and Flaky Sea Salt Mix - in a 65g pouch.

$17.95 NZD

NZ Spice Pack Bundle

A NZ Spice Combo. You get a 12g pouch of Horopito, a 50g pouch of Kawakawa, a 125g pouch of Marlborough Flaky Sea Salt, and a hand crafted native timber salt spoon.

$49.95 NZD